Bramland has been combining their tree and plant knowledge to ensure and achieve environmentally friendly decision to give all customers professional and reliable service and advice in all our fields of Services.

We provide only the best quality services to get the job done safely and on time. We cover for full public liability to give you peace of mind. We strive to take care of your surroundings by using a natural approach to things, to ensure complete client satisfaction, job safety and a job well-done!

See below all our Services:

  Our Felling (cutting down) of individual trees, is a highly trained process where we look at the health and the risk of the tree in its environment if it has structural problems, such as interior decay or if the tree is

  We safely and efficiently tear down buildings and other man-made structures, manually or mechanically using large hydraulic equipment, with the alternative techniques that can be selected by the contractor in the selection process for an in

We use heavy equipment that is extensively used in the construction industry to move large quantities of earth, dig foundations, and landscape areas. We remove earth for trenches and foundations, loaders to move earth and other materials aw

We Know the preparation of sites is very important, clearing is normally the first operation to be done when the alignment has been set out. We prepare the site for the excavation and formation of the road or development. We remove and dispose o

Bramland has a wide range of trees, in any size available. From palm trees, yellowwood, Olienhout etc. If we do not have a tree in stock, we can get it within 48 hours.  Do you want to replace an old tree with a new one? Bramland can, we use tec

Have you ever tried digging out a stump? No easy task. Stump grinding is the removal of tree stumps after felling. At Bramland tree felling Pretoria, we use a stump grinder to get rid of those unsightly stumps in your yard. It is cost-effective

Bramland tree felling in Pretoria east uses only the hardest wood for firewood and charcoal. Larger branches are cut into pieces, to be used as firewood. It is ideal to be used in fire places, wood burning stoves and open fires. The softer types of w

We prune trees in order to protect the tree or shrub, and trim them to ensure perfect growth of the shrub or hedge, we also remove overgrown bushes which prevents the shrub from receiving enough moisture and light.

We chip raw material at our sawmills in Pretoria east, soft wood that is not suitable for firewood or charcoal is used for woodchips to manufacture compost, Woodchips can be a great mulch resource which can add nutrients to your soil, provi

We supply and lay Instant Lawn for homeowners and corporate companies. Instant looks instantly beautiful, and the lawn can be used much sooner than seeded lawns. Instant lawn is also better suited to sloping terrain where see

We always design a garden to suit the clients taste, because your garden is an extention of your personality.We have the latest landscape design software.We can take a photo of the area you want designed, and do the design on the photo with the origi

Bramland believes that any garden can be rehabilitated, We assist you to turn a nightmare into a little Eden, considering factors such as insect and birdlife, by doing so Bramland helps to create a healthier environment because a healthy rehabilitate

Bramland does a once-off garden recovery. This includes pruning, felling, lawn mowing, etc. depending on the needs of the client. It is an ideal service for new homeowners, or anyone who's garden is giving them nightmares.  

Bramland installs manual or automatic irrigation systems for residential to corporate companies, our irrigation systems help to control the amounts of water to plants at needed intervals to help grow agricultural crops, maintain landscapes, and reveg

We sell and supply only organic compost, it is an organic mixture (leaves, bark and core wood) chipped into small flakes and is full of live earthworms. This compost will nourish your garden for years. Bramland tree felling cares about our environmen

Bramland knows that the primary function of pavement is to Provide smooth comfortable surfaces whether it’s for vehicle access or you’re enjoyment outside. We pave stone, tile, brick or brick-like piece of concret

Bramland installs CCTV cameras and electric fences for corporate and individual homeowners, we install cameras that use a system that allows you to keep an eye on what's going on in and around your business and/or home while you are the

All the beautiful wood, for example, yellowwood, oak, seder, Olienhout, Cyprus and pine, are cut into planks for table tops and the manufacturing of furniture. Any straight logs can be sawed, up to 10 meters long and 1,5 meters wide. Thickness is not

Bramland enjoys upcycling and creating something beautiful from our left-over wood, we create unique furniture and wood art. No wood goes to waste at Bramland.*{box-sizing: border-box;}body{margin:0;}#c406{width:700px;}