Before transplanting consider this

Transplanting is stressful for trees and shrubs. You must try establish whether your trees and shrubs will servive the relocation.If the tree is flourishing in its current location, try find a new location where there is a similar environment. The tree should be replanted facing the same direction and receiving the same amount of sunlight daily. Use an identification tag to assist you to properly re-orient the plant to face north, south, east or west. Unhealthy trees and plants may not survive transplanting. Pests or disease — if the tree or shrub is damaged or seriously affected by either of these it may be best to replace it rather than transplant.

Sunlight requirements — if the problem is the environment (too much or too little sun), determine how much average daily sun exposure the new location receives.

Other factors to consider include: Soil type , It should be established wheter the new soil is compatible to your existing soil conditions. Adjust the soil pH to better fit the tree or find a new plant that will thrive in your soil.