Here at BRAMLAND we only sell the best quality firewood and charcoal manufactured at our Sawmill located in Pretoria. Smaller tree branches are chipped and used to make compost. Wood that cannot be used for anything else are used to manufacture charcoal. Therefore, at BRAMLAND Firewood are available for braais in the summer, and a warm fireplace in the winter.

OUR firewood is a mixture of Karee wood, wag-n-bietjie wood, Apiesdoring, etc. We do not include Blackwattle wood and blue gum wood in our mixture. This way, BRAMLAND can insure that YOU as a client will enjoy the best quality for all your indoor and outdoor demands. Our wood is perfect for fire places, wood burning stoves, open fires, braais and pizza ovens. We supply long burning wood that keeps going until the next morning.

For BRAMLAND volume is not an issue. We sell bulk! We only sell large quantity purchases BUT at a good price!

Good Firewood & Charcoal at a Great price:


1 ton bakkie load loose firewood = equal to 100 bags Firewood


1 ton bakkie load (1.5 cubic meter) = equal to 100bags of 4kg charcoal bags

We deliver, for any enquiries Contact Us!