We are a well-known family business based in Pretoria who specializes in a wide range of different quality services for all corporate and individual needs. We are professional, fully insured experts. Our staff is highly skilled. We cover for full public liability to give you peace of mind. Our general goal is to give YOU our client a customer satisfaction of a lifetime, to set your mind at ease by knowing, we provide only the best quality services to get the job done safely and on time. We cover for full public liability to give you peace of mind. We strive to take care of your surroundings by using a natural approach to things, to ensure complete client satisfaction, job safety and a job well-done!



I, the founder of Bramland grew up on a farm. I have seen the exquisite beauty of nature and the trees around me, but also experienced the fragile side of it and the effect it has on our environment. I started cultivating, managing and study trees and plants from a young age. My love and passion for the arboricultural environment is the main reason I started Bramland, over the years my sons also grew into this lifestyle with me, with this mutual passion they joined me in this business. 


BRAMLAND MISSION From the beginning, our mission has been to provide our clients/ customers with the most professional service and advice to ensure, safety, compatibility for both the client and the environment.


BRAMLAND VISION is to be the most trusted name in all your tree needs. We take a natural approach to the care of your surroundings. Our service has no equal! We provide a full tree felling service and much more. We seek to build lasting client Relations by giving them the best quality service and advice and pursuing the knowledge and practices that can help protect and take care of each client's/customers' individual needs.

At BRAMLAND IS GREEN we have a "No-waste policy", the trees we fell are processed at our sawmills in Pretoria East.  We participate in the environmental friendly activity to reduce the negative impact on the environment. We recycle and upcycle all raw material from our sites when a job has been done. Therefore, we do not waste any raw materials such as trees, big or small. the trees we fell are processed at our Sawmill in Pretoria East. Smaller tree branches are chipped and used to make compost. wood that cannot be used for anything else is used to manufacture charcoal. Firewood is available for braais in the summer and fireplaces in the winter. T


As  BRAMLAND we have aa love for the work we do and we always strive to do better and more than what is asked of us, see our values below: